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Fertility, Conception and Maternity Care

At Jenisis Healing we have completed further courses to become Reflexology specialists in Preconception, Pregnancy and Labour. 


Duopody Reflexology may help ease expectant mums suffering with many common discomforts including nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, back pain and constipation, as well as other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and pelvic girdle pain.


A bespoke treatment plan can also be devised for those trying to conceive and those planning to start a family as we believe that sensible lifestyle choices and regular reflexology sessions may lead to a happy outcome.


Duopody sessions and specialised techniques may help ease symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Endometriosis which may be contributory factors if you are experiencing fertility problems. Pre-conceptual treatments may enhance your fertility and ensure you are in the best physical and emotional condition to optimise your chances of conception.


Reflexology may also be very beneficial for those undergoing Assisted Conception. Treatments will support you throughout your journey and are especially useful in helping to relieve tension and anxiety before procedures, encouraging relaxation at the deepest level.

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