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Baby and Child Reflexology


Duopody can be adapted in a beautiful way to help soothe babies suffering from, teething, colic, sleeping problems, digestive issues and many more. As Practitioners we can use Duopody on your baby or we can provide sessions for Parents, Grandparents etc. to show how you can do this for baby yourselves at any time or place.


Jenisis healing can show you how you can combine nursery rhymes and Duopody techniques to provide a wonderfully soothing and bonding experience. Duopody Reflexology can also be very beneficial for young children and teenagers and may provide the following benefits

May support your child's natural healing processes.

  • Help babies and children to sleep and establish balanced sleep patterns.

  • May help children with physical, emotional and special learning needs.

  • Regular treatments may help boost the immune system and help prevent illness.

  • Babies and Children often have a quick response to treatments as they don't have the same stresses and strains within their bodies as adults do.

  • Can help reduce high levels of stress and hormonal imbalances often experienced throughout adolescence.

  • If a child or adolescent is going through a difficult time (e.g. bereavement, divorce, bullying, and exams) then Duopody reflexology can soothe and support them through these life challenges.

I have been receiving a course of reflexology treatment throughout my pregnancy.

I have been suffering with headaches and lower back pains - I am finding the treatments very helpful. 

Jenny has also been working with me about the fears of labour - this will be my third birth and I am feeling so much more relaxed about it this time.

Thank you Jenny.

Natasha Jenkins 

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