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Sports Care


Do you have a sports injury or suffer from tired muscles after training or competition? Perhaps you are taking painkillers, nerve pain blockers and/or anti-inflammatories in order to carry on training and competing, if yes, Duopody Reflexology could benefit you.

Duopody can increase circulation and therefore lymphatic action, this can energise the muscles and remove by -products of exercise, including Lactic Acid. Elimination of lactic acid will result in less muscle stiffness, therefore recovery times between training may be reduced. Less muscle fatigue means that you are less likely to suffer strains, tears and ruptures. Inflammation and pain which may be caused by sports training may be reduced quicker with less need for drugs or medication.

Also Duopody may also help with the nerves and emotional strain of competing and performing. Working towards a healthy mind and body to create optimum performance.

After the initial health consultation and "baseline assessment", a variety of appropriate techniques may be chosen for you and performed as part of your individual treatment plan.

Injuries may always occur when participating in sport, but the use of Reflexology alongside conventional medicine, physiotherapy and massage may enhance healing and reduce healing time.

I started running and for 5 months was suffering with pain in my lower legs every time I went for a run.

On the verge of giving up due to the pain I was referred to JenIsis Healing for reflexology. All I can say is the results have been amazing, I now run 3 to 4 times a week with little to no pain and have even entered my first half marathon!

Huw Jones

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