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My name is Jenny and I started Jenisis healing in 2012.  

Here's a little bit about me and why I do what I do. 


I am a mum to two beautiful Daughters and being a busy, single, working mum was the reason I discovered Reiki and Reflexology. I was amazed not only by the physical responses I experienced but also how balanced I felt emotionally, so much so I decided to change my career and share my discovery.

I firstly obtained my Level 5 Practitioner Diploma in Reflexology and my Reiki Qualifications.

I then became a tutor and taught the Level 5 Diploma and ran numerous reiki courses. 

In 2023 I studied Belief Coding® and was blown away by how much of who I was and what was holding me back was governed by the beliefs that, I had created, that had been passed on to me in a variety of different ways

I kept developing and also qualified as an EFT practitioner and Inner Freedom Coach. This is when I knew I had found the missing piece, the way to be able to support my clients, emotionally, mentally and physically.  

All of the above has been life changing for me, it has allowed me to do a job I love everyday, to keep growing, to feel more fulfilled and now by developing my role into coaching and teaching others, live a life I love. 

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