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Clinical Duopody Reflexology
Reflexology Therapy

I am qualified to a level 5 standard which is the highest reflexology qualification in the UK as well as many other CPD courses. I pride myself on keeping my knowledge and skills up to date to provide you with the best service possible .

There are over 7000 nerve endings in our feet and each one of these corresponds to a body part/system. When a therapeutic touch is applied to these areas, it stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels and helps restore the mind, body and soul to homeostasis (balance). Duopody is a holistic reflexology technique, where two (duo) feet (pody) are worked simultaneously and methodically, exactly reflecting each organ and system within the body. Duopody enables me to customise each treatment for each client, not only can I treat the body as a whole but extra attention can be given to whole systems which present an imbalance.
The sessions usually last between 50-60 minutes with the first session and consultation being around 90 minutes long. During the first treatment an in-depth questionnaire and analysis of the feet will be completed, then a personal treatment plan will be devised for you, ensuring that each treatment suits your individual, physical and emotional needs.

As well as Duopody a number of other advanced techniques will be used during each treatment, dependant on your personal treatment plan.

I am much more relaxed and feel so much better in myself. I have suffered from migraine for years but now they are few and far between as are all my other aches and pains. I always leave feeling like I have just had the best night sleep.

Tammy-Lyn Dawkins

Jenisis Healing reflexology has turned my long term health problems around. It is quite amazing what it has done for me. Emotional or physical, it works, try it. You won't be sorry.
Lynne Gillard

In a nutshell, I am in a better position from a health perspective than I ever have been and this is down to your magical hands – so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Rachael Grierson

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